Den Danske Keramikfabrik provides sustainable ceramics production to the most exacting standards of craftsmanship.

Options include 3D models based on technical drawings, mould-making, plaster moulds, casting, jiggering and jolleying, and hand throwing. Our facilities also afford spray glazing, glazing by dipping, double-glazing, and slip or engobe work, slip decorating, underglaze colours and decals.

Brochure on the factory: printed matter DDKF

Anticipated costs and minimum production runs

Hand-thrown items:
• Start-up fee/production of sample:
This fee will be refunded on orders for hand-turned items exceeding DKK 20,000 per item.
• Price per item, minimum 100 items.

Pressed or slip-cast items, jiggered or jollied items:
To ensure reasonable production flow requires at least ten working moulds at a time, necessitating a minimum order of 500 items of each model, as each mould holds about 50 items.
Start-up costs for preparing the original mould/mother mould, production planning and any tools required:
This sum requires the provision of a 3D model plus shrinkage. Shrinkage depends on the material/clay to be used. Where the customer only provides a technical drawing the cost of preparing a prototype/3D print of the item plus shrinkage will also be payable.
• Preparing working moulds (chargeable for every 500 items):
• Price per item, minimum 500 items:

The price for smaller minimum runs for pressed or slip-cast items is subject to negotiation.

Additional charge for glazes other than basic glazes (transparent + white):
Additional charge for transfer printing/decals where these are not supplied to the factory by the customer: