The owners are all professional ceramic artists and designers, each of whom runs his or her own business.
They are all characterised by the desire to create high quality products based on professional skills, knowledge, curiosity and profound knowledge of materials, techniques and craftsmanship. Their huge variety of products ranges from unique pieces, sculptural or experimental by nature, to everyday objects produced in large or small batches and focusing on form and function.

Agnes Fries, v/ Agnes Fries

AKVB.DESIGN, v/ Anne Jørgensen

Alikka, v/ Alikka Garder Petersen

Anna Olivia, v/ Anna Olivia Kristiansen

Christina Friis Keramik, v/ Christina Friis

Claydies, v/ Tine Broksø og Karen Kjældgård-Larsen

Clayform, v/ Signe Bailey

Clib Klap, v/ Claire Maria Lehmann og Iben Harboe

Copen hagen, v/ Rikke Hagen

Finnkeramik, v/ Finn Dam Rasmussen

Helene Stockmarr, v/ Helene Stockmarr Gerdorf

Jane Holmberg, v/ Jane Holmberg Andersen

Mark Lauberg, v/ Mark Lauberg

Pia Lund Ceramics, v/ Pia Lund Hansen

RAN, v/ Birgitte Ran Bennike Mayall

Stilleben, v/ Ditte Reckweg og Jelena Nordentoft

SAABY MEHLUM DESIGN, v/ Richard Saaby og Inger Mehlum

Tina Marie Copenhagen Handmade, v/ Tina Marie Bentsen

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